Frequent Causes Of Washing Machine Problems

A washing machine is normally one of the most dependable appliances that you will own. Yet, there are still issues that your machine can encounter. When your washing machine malfunctions, you may be unable to wash clothing without venturing to the laundromat, which creates a strong incentive to quickly repair these issues.

Worn Drain Or Intake Hoses

Transporting the water into and out of the washing machine will require high-capacity hoses. As time passes, these hoses can be prone to developing small punctures or other issues that could allow water to escape. This may weaken the overall efficiency of the washing machine, and it can lead to major water damage occurring. Periodically inspecting the area around these hoses can alert you to these problems sot hat you can quickly replace these hoses. Unfortunately, delaying this repair can have dire consequences as these hoses may eventually suffer a major rupture, which could spill large amounts of water into the home.

Failing To Fully Drain

A washing machine that fails to fully drain may develop mold and mildew problems due to the small amount of water left in it. Often, this problem can be traced to a partially clogged drain. If this clog is deep within the drain, it may not be possible for you to repair this without specialized tools that can reach these items. A faulty drain valve can also be a cause of this problem as it may prematurely close and prevent the water from exiting the washer.


If you find that mold is growing in the washing machine, it will be necessary to fully sanitize it. Failing to fully sanitize the interior of the washing machine can allow the mold to quickly return as there it only takes a small number of spores to allow mold colonies to start developing. Many of these sanitizing agents are designed to be added to the washer prior to running it without having any clothing in it. For the best results, you may want to treat the washer at least twice.

Electrical Issues

Modern washing machines will incorporate numerous electrical components. Many of these components may be digital controls that allow for a higher level of precision and control over the washing machine. When this appliance starts to experience electrical problems, immediate repairs will be needed. In some instances, these problems could be caused by a leak that has allowed electrical components to get moist. In other situations, the vibrations of the washing machine may cause its wiring to loosen.

Contact a washer repair service for more help.

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