Tips to Keep You Warmer in Your Camp Trailer This Winter

Your camping travel trailer is a great way to travel and enjoy the outdoors in many locations, but can also be a great option for temporary housing for work or other life circumstances. However, living in your trailer during the winter months can be difficult, as a travel trailer may not provide the full insulation benefits of a home. Here are some tips to help you stay warm inside your travel trailer even when it is freezing outside.

Install Propane Tanks

Because your travel trailer is heated through a propane heater, it can go through a small propane bottle within a short time, especially during a very cold period in the weather. It might be inconvenient to continually fill and replace the propane bottles during your trip. You know it's time to be better prepared when you run out of propane in the middle of the night or you come back home to your trailer after working all day and realize your camper is frozen.

Fortunately, you can connect your trailer to a large capacity propane tank installed next to your trailer. Call a propane tank installation service about getting a small to medium-capacity propane tank, which they can refill for you on a regular basis for future trips. 

You should plan to pay for the initial filling of the tank, which gives you access to all the propane you need to heat your trailer and cook on your propane stove, but you can also depend on the propane company for regular filling of the tank. Ask them about a regular filling schedule, such as once a week, for example, to keep your propane supply running steady and your trailer warm.

Supplement with Extra Insulation

Areas inside your trailer can be prone to heat loss when it is cold outside. The floor or your camp trailer can lose heat from the cold temperature below the trailer. However, you can add insulation around the trailer to promote the warmth of your floor. Look for foam insulation panels you can cut to fit around your trailer's base, or you can buy and install skirting around the camper. 

Also, look to add insulation to the inside of your trailer's vent hatches. These areas lack insulation, as they are made of plastic and let heat escape from the ceiling of your camper. You can find and install foam insulation pillows that you tuck into each access hatch to prevent heat loss inside.

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