Repairing A Refrigerator That Won't Cool

If your refrigerator isn't cooling, your food is no longer safe. You could lose an entire refrigerator's worth of food if you don't do something about it right away. Your refrigerator is a major appliance that you want to have repaired if you possibly can, as a new one can cost a small fortune. If you aren't sure how to go about troubleshooting your refrigerator issue, or you don't want to attempt to make any repairs to your appliance, you should hire a professional repairman to help you. Read on for a few things you can do to help with your refrigerator repair.

Vacuum The Coils

If the coils on your refrigerator are blocked by too much dust and dirt, they aren't going to be able to keep cool enough to cool down your refrigerator as they should. These coils should be free of debris and they need to be vacuumed often. Pull your refrigerator out from the wall and inspect the coils. If the coils are dirty, you need to vacuum them thoroughly. If the coils are under your refrigerator, open the panel at the back or at the front and vacuum them. You should add this to your cleaning list to do every couple of months to prevent an issue with your refrigerator.

Adjust The Thermostat 

If the thermostat isn't set properly, it's not going to be able to cool your food properly. You need to make an adjustment to the thermostat and set it lower. Check it after a few hours and see if it's cooling properly. If it still isn't cooling, the problem could be that you have too much food in the refrigerator and it's blocking the vents. Unblock the vents and remove some of the food in your refrigerator to ensure there is proper airflow in your refrigerator. If your refrigerator is overflowing with food, it's time for a second refrigerator, or just clean out the one you have.

Call A Professional

If you're still having an issue with your refrigerator, the problem could be a compressor or the motor on the refrigerator. Call a professional appliance repairman to help you make the necessary repairs to your refrigerator to get it working properly again. 

If your refrigerator isn't working, you can use the information above to help make the repair. If you aren't comfortable working on your own appliance, hire a professional to help you.

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